Millions of children in Eastern Indonesia do not have access to quality books

Let's change that

Taman Bacaan Pelangi

(Rainbow Reading Gardens)

We are a non-profit organisation working to establish children’s libraries
in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia since 2009.


Our Impact



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Our Libraries

Check out all the children’s libraries that Taman Bacaan Pelangi [Rainbow Reading Gardens] has stablished in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia.


Our Programs


Establish Children Libraries

We establish child-friendly libraries in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia. We work together with the local schools and transform their library into a child friendly learning environment that will foster the love of reading in each of the student.


Capacity Building Workshops

We provide a series of capacity building workshops for the local teachers that enable them to have the skills and knowledge needed in nurturing the habit of reading on their students and promoting literacy in their village.


Basic Literacy Course

In each of our library, reading activities are regularly conducted. Each class has reading activities weekly at the library, lead by the classroom’s teacher. Through reading activities, children will slowly grow the love of reading.

Volunteer’s Diary: Hello Miss, Good Morning!

I spent two weeks in a beautiful  Werang village, two hours drive by car and three by local bus from Labuan Bajo,  Flores.  I worked for Taman Bacaan Pelangi. What a long name you have…in the library at the primary school of headmaster Hendrikus. I also stayed in...
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Long Live Papagarang!

It all begins with Monica. Probably one of the most enthusiastic Indonesians I’ve ever met. Her passion for children and their literacy and education is highly contagious. After a 30 minute catch up at the Gardena Hotel, I’m already completely and...
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We’re Hiring! Looking for: Project Manager & Project Coordinators

Taman Bacaan Pelangi (TBP), a not-for-profit organization focusing on establishing children’s libraries in the Eastern region of Indonesia, has been chosen as the School Library Technical Assistance Partner by Room to Read. For this three-year of collaboration...
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Two Rainbows for Raja Ampat, West Papua

Before I begin to write my story, I must tell you that this journey was very personal to me. 5 years ago I left Raja Ampat, West Papua, a place that I hold dearly and consider my home. Now after 5 long years and a long feverish night at Puncak Jaya, I am back. I first...

Volunteer’s Diary: Leaving Kondas

I have now been in Kondas for seven weeks and I think it’s time to admit that I have, completely and utterly, embraced my Manggarai self. Seriously.   I haven’t cared this little about how I look, what I wear or how I act since I was in Primary School....

#AGiftToGive: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last year representatives from Mal Ciputra Jakarta approached us and told us about their interest in supporting Taman Bacaan Pelangi’s cause, and the ‪#‎AGiftToGive‬ program was born. Starting from December last year, hundreds of nutcracker shaped penny banks...

Volunteer’s Diary: Story from Kondas Village

Hi! My name is Maleeha Malik and I am Taman Bacaan Pelangi’s latest volunteer! I’m nineteen years old and currently on my gap year – I didn’t want to go straight to uni – so, for the next two months, I’m living in Kondas, three hours away from Labuan Bajo. I...

Volunteer’s Diary: Painting the library in Papagarang

My time on Papagarang will come to an end soon and the last thing which was on my „to do – list“: a painting. With the help of the teachers, we have already painted a pretty colorful library. But we were looking for something more, we were looking for art. Therefore...

A Rainbow in The Heart of Papua

Earlier this month, I continued my journey to Papua to visit our library located in Puncak Jaya’s capital, Mulia. It was time for renovations and as the freshly painted blue walls of the library brightens the room, we hope the children will continue to feel...

Les Membaca Gratis untuk Anak-anak Pulau Rinca

Sejak Januari lalu, Taman Bacaan Pelangi bekerja sama dengan SDN Rinca, Flores untuk mengadakan kelas tambahan di sore hari khusus untuk anak-anak yang belum bisa dan belum lancar membaca. Di awal penjelasan program ini, guru-guru di SDN Rinca menyambut dengan...

Volunteer’s Diary: Our Library in Datak – Molotkondo

In February I was posted in our library in Datak. I’ve been there for three weeks, had activities with the children, opened the library every afternoon and tried to reactivate it. But before I’m going on giving you an update about Datak, I want to introduce myself....

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