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After meeting with the Head of District of Education (DoE) of Sorong Regency and the elementary school principal at Hotel Handayani in Aimas, in the next day I immediately started my visit some schools based on head of DoE and principal’s recommendation. SD Inpres 1 which is located in Aimas I have visited before even head of DoE recomended this school. Later, I will tell the story about this ‘purple’ school. Hehehe .. I had two weeks before the semester break to go to almost 16 elementary schools in Kapubaten Sorong. These schools are starting from elementary school Aimas,...

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Developing Interest in Reading via Book Competition

To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Independence, Rainbow Reading Gardens in collaboration with Gramedia held a writing competition called Big Book Competition. The objective of this activity is to improve the reading and writing ability as well as creativity of the students. The theme of this competition is “Message for Indonesia,” which is expected to boost the kids’ spirit in delivering their messages for Indonesia on this special day, the independence day. The competition started on Aug 9 and ended on the 15th. The participants are all schools partnering with Rainbow Reading Gardens across Eastern Indonesia, including Flores...

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‘Reading’ Before Decoding

As a part of the library development program by Rainbow Reading Gardens, I have to deliver a number of issues to the school to raise their awareness on the importance of developing the habit of reading. I often receive comments from teachers as well as principals regarding how the students from Grade 1 and 2, who are mostly still learning how to read, do not read the text of the books when they are at the library. They only turn one page to another to see the pictures.   Later on, I try to explain that looking at the...

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Merdeka High Tea for Charity

This afternoon, Sofia At The Gunawarman holds the “East Meets West” Merdeka High Tea for Charity event to support Taman Bacaan Pelangi. The event is so lovely. Being a fancy restaurant, Sofia looks even more elegant with table setting and tableware by Ghea Panggabean, a famous Indonesian designer that is also supporting this afternoon tea. The Merdeka High Tea for Charity presents the “Merdeka High Tea”, which consists of some classic British sweets and scones combined with Nasi Kuning with Spicy & Sweet Tuna Arancini, Mini Burgers of pulled spicy chicken, Ayam Pop and Bubur Sum Sum with palm...

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Socialization of Child Friendly Library in Ende

Ende Regency is one of the largest regencies on the island of Flores. This regency is famous for its tolerant nature among its communities. Communities of different ethnic and religious backgrounds live side by side and harmoniously. Interestingly, in the cultural parade, an event to welcome the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia, students in Ende use a variety of regional clothes. The city government of Ende always reminds its citizens the importance of maintaining tolerance.   This year, Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens) will start to develop a child-friendly library program in Ende district. Since early...

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Student Volunteer : “Ma’am… Please Do Not Fire Me”

One of the different issues to highlight in the library development program with Rainbow Reading Gardens is the involvement of every part in the school community, including principal, teachers, school committee as well as students. During the library establishment, librarians will be overwhelmed if they are to get things done all by themselves; therefore, in this program, there are “Student Volunteers”. Their task includes assisting librarians in arranging the library fixtures as well is in helping other students to check out books. Student volunteers are usually students from higher grades, namely Grade 4 and/or 5. The selection process of...

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Taman Bacaan Pelangi [Rainbow Reading Gardens] is a non-profit organisation working to establish children’s libraries in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia since 2009.
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