Establish Children’s Libraries

We establish child-friendly libraries in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia. We work together with the local schools and transform their library into a child friendly learning environment that will foster the love of reading and create the habit of reading in each of the student.

Capacity Building Workshops for Teachers and Local Volunteers

We believe, quality teachers mean quality education. Thus, we provide a series of capacity building workshops for the local teachers that enable them to have the skills and knowledge needed in nurturing the habit of reading on their students and promoting literacy in their village.

We also conduct workshops for our local volunteers, who are ranging from farmers to fishermen. These are the locals who have the passion in education and want to contribute in educating the children in their villages.

Basic Literacy Course for Children

We provide free basic literacy course for children who are still illiterate. We feel that this course is important and inline with our mission in creating the habit of reading for children who live in remote areas in Eastern Indonesia. Through this program, children who are still illiterate will get free additional lessons each week that will help them to be able to read and write.

Reading Activities

In each of our library, reading activities are regularly conducted. Each class has reading activities weekly at the library, lead by the classroom’s teacher.

Through reading activities, children will slowly grow the love of reading. They will be curious of the books provided in the library and will enjoy reading them individually or together with their friends.

Book Drive Campaigns

We conduct book drive campaigns, also in collaboration with our external stakeholders. The books collected from the campaigns will be sorted and sent to our libraries in Eastern Indonesia.

Fundraising Campaigns

Working together with external stakeholders, from private sector, communities, to international NGO, we hold various fundraising campaigns. The fund collected from the campaigns will be used to establish new libraries, buy books, etc.
Please contact us if you wanted to support us by conducting a fundraising campaign for our organization!

Reading, Writing, and Storytelling Competitions

We always encourage children to read, write, and tell their story. This competition is one of the ways to do that. Often, we see some future shining stars!

Partnership with External Parties

We are always welcome for any partnership and/or collaboration with external parties, from private sector, local communities, to international NGOs. However, we will not partner with any political party or any parties for political purposes.


We are open for anyone who wish to volunteer at our libraries. However, interested applicants will be selected. We collaborate with volunteering organization, in which each of the volunteer can help make a difference in the kids’ lives by introducing them to different types of creative activities, teaching English, storytelling, sharing stories about their home country, and other fun activities.