IMG_7184Nila is a children’s literacy advocate working in remote, underdeveloped regions of eastern Indonesia. She is also a communications professional and has been working in multinational companies in Indonesia and Singapore and reputable NGOs in Indonesia.

Nila has received numerous awards for her work in advancing children’s literacy across eastern Indonesia, including the “10 EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2016” from Ernst & Young, “10 Inspiring Women 2015” by Forbes Indonesia, the “Kartini Next Generation 2013: Inspiring Woman in ICT for Community Development” from the Ministry of Women Empowerment & Child Protection and the Ministry of Communication & IT,  “Indonesia’s Inspiring Youth & Women 2012” from Indosat, and the She Can! 2011 Award from Tupperware.

Nila holds a Masters degree in European Communication Studies from Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands and BA in International Relations from the University of Parahyangan, Indonesia, where she graduated as “The Best Student of The Year”.

EVA MUCHTAR, Supervisor

EvaEva has been a volunteer at Taman Bacaan Pelangi since it was first established. As a volunteer, she is actively supporting the foundation in collecting books, developing strategies and programs, and contributing to developing the foundation’s publicity materials. She has travelled to Flores and Banda Neira to visit Taman Bacaan Pelangi in the regions.

Eva works as a freelance writer and PR consultant, specializing in social development work for NGOs, development agencies, and corporates. In addition to volunteering in Taman Bacaan Pelangi, Eva is also active in several other social, meditation, and spiritual activities in Indonesia.

Eva holds a Masters degree in Public Relations from Stirling University, Scotland, UK and BA in Computer Science from University of Indonesia.



Ingkan has been a strong support to TB Pelangi since it was first established as donor. She works as a lawyer in a multinational oil and gas company. She has visited TB Pelangi library in Flores and was moved to contribute further to help improve the education of the children in east Indonesia.

Ingkan holds a masters degree in corporate law from Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands and a bachelor degree in law from the University of Indonesia.




MONIKA HARAHAP, Project Manager

Monik has just finished her post as Pengajar Muda – Indonesia Mengajar in June 2014, after spending a year teaching at a small local school in Sangihe, Sulawesi. It was her first “job” after she graduated from Gajah Mada University, majoring in Communications – Cum Laude :).

Prior to her graduation, she spent two months in Papua as a part of the “KKN” or Kuliah Kerja Nyata. Her experience in Papua has changed her mindset towards life and the world. It was like a tipping point for her where she started growing her passion in education, children, and the love of Eastern Indonesia.

In her leisure time, she loves reading books.



CINDY NATASHA, Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Taman Bacaan Pelangi as Poject Coordinator, Cindy was a research assistant at Padjajaran University. She holds a bachelor degree in Microbiology from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), graduated with Cum Laude.

Cindy loves drawing and currently working to publish a children’s comic books about Microbiology. Her dreams is to introduce Microbiology in a friendly way to the kids.

UPAN THAMRIN, Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Taman Bacaan Pelangi, Upan worked as Pengajar Muda in South West Maluku.
Upan holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from Mataram University, Lombok, NTB.
Upan will be based to lead establishing process of our libraries in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.
In his leisure time, he loves reading motivational books.


WENDA RADJAH, Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Taman Bacaan Pelangi, Wenda worked as Project Coordinator for Save the Children and based in Sumba. Wenda has an extensive experience working in development programs, such as working as Field Officer NTT on Program Knowledge Management, a collaborative project of Yayasan Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Timur Indonesia (BaKTI)- Makassar with Austraila Indonesia Partnership for Desentralitation (AIPD), Field Officer NTT for the “Program Pengelolaan dan Pemanfaatan Pengetahuan Hijau”, a collaborative project of BaKTI- Makassar with Millenium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCAI), and many more.

Wenda holds a Bachelor degree in Economy from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kristen Wira Wacana, Sumba, graduated in 2006.

Wenda loves reading books and poetry.



TRI SUJARWO, Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Taman Bacaan Pelangi, Jarwo worked as Pengajar Muda at Indonesia Mangajar on Yapen Island, Papua in 2016. He was a former journalist at Lampung Post. He also joined Sail Morotai 2012 and Sail Komodo 2013 in attempt to open his mind about the diversity in Indonesia. Jarwo holds a Bachelor Degree in Management from Lampung University. Jarwo loves traveling.