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Taman Bacaan Pelangi is on Vidi Aldiano’s “Definisi Bahagia” Video Clip

Taman Bacaan Pelangi is on Vidi Aldiano‘s “Definisi Bahagia” video clip! Whoaaaa!! Check it out, guys! We can’t stop smiling watching this video. Our tears drop seeing the facial expressions of the kids. The sparks in their eyes, the happy laughters on their cute faces, ahhhh.. everything in this video is wonderful!! Vidi Aldiano specifically made this video as part of the “Puyo & Vidi Peduli Anak Indonesia” fundraising campaign to support Taman Bacaan Pelangi. So sweet of him, isn’t it ? Thank you so much, Vidi! And thank you so much, Puyo! The making of this video clip...

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Coverage of Ambassadors of Rainbow Reading Gardens Event at KOMPAS

One of the biggest and prominent media in Indonesia, KOMPAS, covered the Ambassadors of Rainbow Reading Gardens event on its Education and Culture section, entitled “Jendela Mimpi Anak Indonesia Timur” (“Windows to Eastern Indonesian Child’s Dreams) on Sunday, June 11, 2017. The event, organized by Travel Sparks together with Rainbow Reading Gardens and supported by Agoda, a travel information provider, has opened the windows to child’s dreams in Eastern Indonesia. The three-day event took place at Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara and gathered 18 elementary school students as well as 9 teachers from Rainbow Reading Gardens school...

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Fundraising for #BebasButaHuruf Program at

To help eradicate illiteracy rate in Eastern Indonesia, especially in East Nusa Tenggara, Rainbow Reading Gardens is launching a program called #BebasButaHuruf. According to the data from the Ministry of Education & Culture of Republic of Indonesia, provinces in Eastern Indonesia have the highest percentage of illiteracy rate in the country. East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is among the big four with 10.13% During the times at partner schools, Rainbow Reading Gardens team often meet a number of students from higher grades (Grade 4 to 6) who have difficulties in reading. This encourages Rainbow Reading Gardens to provide more quality books for them. In...

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Keep Shining, Little Friends!

When I heard Ambassadors of Rainbow Reading Gardens (#DutaBacaTBPelangi), I was excited to see kids from Rainbow Reading Gardens libraries across a number of islands in Indonesia come to and gather at Labuan Bajo, Flores, NTT. This event will be Rainbow Reading Gardens’ first to make the kids from many areas to share how much they love books and to meet in person with their fellow friends coming from other cultural background. After a quite long selection process, finally 18 students from 9 Rainbow Reading Gardens libraries at Raja Ampat (SDN 2 Waisai & SDN 25 Moko), Alor (SD GMIT Pitungbang), Flores (SDI Kaca,...

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Puyo Desserts & Vidi Aldiano Launch Peduli Anak Indonesia Campaign

Puyo Desserts and Vidi Aldiano launch Peduli Anak Indonesia campaign to support Taman Bacaan Pelangi. What is the campaign all about? Eugenie Patricia and Adrian Agus, the Co-Founders of Puyo Desserts, and Vidi Aldiano, a famous Indonesian singer, decide to launch this campaign today and it will be running during the whole month of Ramadhan. For every sale of a dozen of Puyo pudding, the company will donate Rp 15,000.- to Taman Bacaan Pelangi. Isn’t it great? Vidi Aldiano, who is a childhood friend of Eugenie and Adrian, also supports this campaign and he is going to use his newly released...

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Job Vacancy: Project Manager & Project Coordinator

Are you passionate in education and longing to be part of something meaningful, contributing to the betterment of education in Indonesia, making this country a better place to live in for the next generation? If yes, then these vacant positions might be the answer for you! Come and join our awesome team and start making a difference! We are looking for: PROJECT MANAGER Purpose The project manager is responsible for leading the team to develop new children’s libraries in Eastern Indonesia, coordinating and managing all aspects of the project’s implementation according to the established time schedule. Position type Contract...

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