February 13th 2018 was a sunny Monday to open another child-friendly library in Ende and our team was feeling spirited to inaugurate 3 libraries that day. There were 2 openings in SDN Roja 6 & SDI Paupanda 2 of South Ende subdistrict in the morning and another one before midday that was held in SDI Ende 13, Central Ende.

Though being the last library officiated that day, SDI Ende 13’s opening was not lacking the festivity of those celebrated earlier that day. Excitement from invited parents, community leaders, local officials filled the air from the seating area. It was met by the same energy from the faculty as well as the students who had all prepared every details of the following event  to a T. Invitations sent out, all perfomance rehearsed, speeches practiced and timed, food smelled tasty & ready to be served, seats arranged neatly. Ready for the big celebration.

The ceremony began at 11 AM, right after the arrival of Taman Bacaan Pelangi founder Nila Tanzil, who had just wrapped the morning opening at SDI Paupanda 2. Along with Bapak Syaiful representing  Provisi Education, Babinkantibnas personel, Ibu Mas Djuwita from Ende’s Library Department & Ibu Fransiska Sare from Ende’s Education Department, Nila Tanzil were greeted by Bapak Alfonsius Dofu, the school principal at the gate. Afterwards, they were escorted to their seats by Wandapa’u, Ende traditional welcome dance performed gracefully by the students. Once everyone was seated comfortably under the tarpaulin tent set right in front the freshly painted light blue library, Ibu Anas the 4th grade teacher turned MC for a day shouted,”ENDE 13!” and suddenly the overly behaved students seating all around the school verandas stood and gave a cheerful Tepuk Semangat that surprised the guests. Getting them to quiet down again was a bit challenging, but we managed to hear every speeches delivered. The school slipped entertainments like the famous Tobelo dance and other modern dances in between speeches that helped calm the younger and active audiences.

This is how one will be greeted in Ende traditional party. With Wandapa’u dance & a pretty ikat shawl wrapped around the neck so that later one can join Gawi dance with said shawl.


The clock striked 12, unlike Cinderella story this was when the party began. Time to cut some ribbons! Everyone was gathered in front of the curtained library entrance. Nila Tanzil, Bapak Aldo, Ibu Siska, Ibu Juwita, and other selected officials on stand by, share-holding a symbolic scissor, waiting for the cue. “TOOOT!” Off went the loud siren accompanied by fireworks followed by “Snip & Snap” made by the startled yet committed to the task ribbon cutters. J Tall curtains fell and Voila! The 72nd TBPelangi library was officially opened. Now just like Cinderella lost her slipper, everyone who came inside the library must first lose theirs at the entrance as well. And by lost we mean to take their footwear off, not just the left one, but both of the pair. 🙂

The Ribbon Cutters ; Ibu Siska, Bapak Aldo, Nila Tanzil, Ibu Djuwita, Babinkantibnas & The Village Elder were all in suspense, waiting for the big curtain to fall & uncover SDI Ende 13’s library.

Every attendee was invited to check out the library & its child friendly features, took pictures, then proceeded to enjoy lunch ala Ende in the other room while the students got their 1st chance to explore the story books. Some children from the early grades were peeking from outside the window, thinking that the library was only for those who were able to read. Ibu Elsa, the librarian set them straight immediately, after asking them to clean up their tiny hands she welcomed the cute ones in. They picked a snake featured book and assigned the eldest of the pack to read it to them. Soon, they were lost in the rattling snake world, discussing how awesome of a creature a snake was.


As the children took turns accessing their newly opened library, the adults outside were dancing Gawi & Tobelo while also taking turns to monitor the kids inside. Soon it was 3 PM, time to excuse ourselves to save some energy for the other 10 library openings awaited us for the rest of the week. After all it was only Monday, a colorful one.

“Oooo! This one looks scary. Loot at its tongue! Look at its fangs! Snakes are so cool!”